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Fstoppers Reviews Oniric, a Glow Generator by Composite Nation
Nicole York, an amazing artist and writter from FSTOPPERS has written an article about Oniric
June 24 2020
Make deamy landscapes in Photoshop with Oniric
One way of creating appealing landscape images is to accentuate the light that already exist within the photo. This can be done...
August 2020
We Review Oniric Glow, a Digital Artist's Dream Plugin
Oniric Glow is a plugin that enables you to easily create realistic and beautiful glow effects in your images. It’s perfect for creating heavenly...
May 14, 2022
Photoshop Compositing: Supercharge Your Images
Oniric 2 from Compositenation really pushes the lighting effects achievable in post-production and does it so effectively and quickly that you'll wonder how you ever managed before...
January 9, 2023
Create a City Glow With the Oniric Plugin
Oniric, from Composite Nation, is a plugin I've been looking for for a long while. Last year I caught an advert for it on Instagram and I haven't looked back since....
April 2, 2021

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